German Open 2019 results

The results of the Jack&Jill Advanced final during German Open 2019 in Freiburg Germany at 08/08/2019.

Judges in this round were PJ Turner, Maxime Zzaoui, Tashina Beckmann-King, John Lindo, Jessica McCurdy, Torri Zzaoui, Olivier Massart and Virginie Massart.

Jack&Jill Advanced final

905Clement TurpainAlexandra Branco11111111st
912Florian SimonKatja Roess22322232nd
473Vincent JacqueminElodie Chapon34244343rd
975Sven AllegaertJula Palenga43433454th
293Julien OliverTamara Schittli55555525th