West in Lyon 2019 results

The results of the Jack&Jill Sophisticated final during West in Lyon 2019 in Lyon France at 03/15/2019.

Judges in this round were Stanley Seguy, Philipp Wolff, Amandine Giannone, Torri Zzaoui, Ani Fuller and Lionel Giannone.

Jack&Jill Sophisticated final

154Vivien MeublatJennifer Molle112111st
125Jerome ChanchomSandy Gay473232nd
166Fabrice PEYRATLudivine Evreux3111543rd
26Yves ReynaertLiudmila Dmitrieva1154324th
51Patrick RodriguesPilar Lopez de Luzuriaga238755th
34Bernard PhuaJulie Salanon5651166th
66Stephane GazzottiElodie Blessemaille647487th
182Vincent CroquetVirginie Escaravage7126678th
71Thomas EscaravageSvetlana Alexandrova9891299th
159Paulo PereiraEvelyne Bazier10101191010th
110Fabien NottebaertHelene Reula1221081111th
128Aymery Saint-LoupValerie Mangote8912101212th