Carnival Swing Cologne 2020 results

The results of the Newcomer J&J final during Carnival Swing Cologne 2020 in Köln Germany at 02/14/2020.

Judges in this round were Matilda Tuomela, Marc Heldt, Markus Scherer, Gillian Kespohl, Clement Turpain and Ken Knipphals.

Newcomer J&J final

Bib Number MTGKKKCTMSMH Placement
215Maurice IvenKristina Uldina121111st
246Melanie RadtkeJulia Bartsch212332nd
221Tim WingenderNicole Flura534223rd
218Tobias FettAnna Münch343454th
223Bastian von BoodeClaudia Lehmann455545th